November 20, 2017

La Redoute + Black Friday = depleted bank account for me. 40% off everything is a pretty good deal and i've been checking out all the homeware to find the best bargains. I've bought quite a bit from them in the past and It's generally been good quality, but always read the reviews as they are useful and the delivery times can be quite random, from a few days to weeks & weeks so bear...

November 15, 2017

Here are six things that I think make a room feel more well designed, more grown-up and a little bit more stylish. It's really hard to get a space that feels 'pulled together' on the cheap but these will help for sure and if they don't I will personally refund you*. All £100 or less (except my wall lamp which has gone up in price by a tenner, Maisons Du Monde you cheeky scamps) and...

November 12, 2017

When I was styling my bathroom the other day in the 22 seconds I left myself between getting Jude dressed / fed / changed / down to nap and running to the market to pick up some bunches of eucalyptus and unidentifiable foliage I realised that I'm a little bit over Aesop. YES i love it, yes it is a cult brand and iconic product and yes it smells amazing but it's REALLY spenny and it'...

November 8, 2017

My house is filled with H&M home accessories (mixed with random vintage). If you haven't tapped it up yet you really need to give it a go. It's cheap, the stock is refreshed a lot (seasonally like fashion not bi-annually like most furniture shops) and they are bang on trend. I love you Sweden. The webshop is ok but the stores are best so if you can make a trip to one of the H&M's th...

November 5, 2017

By popular demand (well requested by two people, which considering I have a readership of about 5 people isn’t too bad – hi dad) here are six of the best places to shop large rugs. By large I’m talking above 200 x 300cm and under £1000. I know £1000, it's still A LOT OF DOLLAR but rugs are just spenny.

My most worldly piece of interiors advice would be to buy the biggest rug you can...

November 2, 2017


from £45

We used this in the alcove one side of the chimney breast in Jude's room. Josh was worried it would look budget because obviously it wasn't the exact right size and he wanted to spank a shit ton of cash on bespoke cabinetry but I was like 'HELP ME I'M POOR' (Bridesmaids anyone?) so we settled on this £65 jobbie. We had to stain it, I picked the ...

October 29, 2017

Here are the top six things i've seen on the world wide web this week that I wouldn't at all mind..... 


Firstly, in light of the fact that our entire family has been struck down with the Norovirus for the last week which timed perfectly with the breakdown of the washing machine, I could defo do with a stay in the Killiehuntly Farmhouse in Scotland. LOOK AT IT. 

Photos M...

October 26, 2017

I just spent Jude's entire nap times over two days collating the best twenty four lights that the internet has to offer. Was this a complete wasted exercise? Probably. But I realllllllly hope not. Let me know if it's useful in any way. Otherwise I might go back to watching Homes Under the Hammer re-runs from 2002.

I've chosen four of my favourites from each of the six web-shops which...

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December 3, 2018

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