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Six quick + cheap ways to make your bathroom a bit more stylish

So re-tiling and spanking a shed load on new sanitary-ware (the white stuff - ie bath and basins) or brassware (the chrome stuff - taps and showers) isn't always possible. You might have a ok base but want to make it a bit more 'hello i'm a trendy hotel'.

Here's six ways in which you can do just that. I've already spoken about the importance of snazzy hand soaps, pegs and round mirrors (see above how dope these look). Are people still saying dope? Doubt it. I'm a mum now, I am literally so not down with the kids. I am down with THE kid though, on a literal level, changing nappies every few hours. FYI one big trend that will continue into 2018 will be the organic + ethical + natural + wooden + sustainable + muted palette that i'm a fan of.


Roll some pretty towels up, use as a bin, store your loo rolls / bath toys, chuck an indoor plant in etc in for a stylish, rustic vibe. Small ones like this can be found to keep the teeny things like cotton wool in. I'm so innovative ya know.


Nothing is more insta friendly than a wooden bath rack (check the size of your bath - I bought one and it's too sodding big, rookie error for me) and nothing is more aesthetically pleasing while being pretty useful than a body brush.

1. Birch brush - Bear& bear - £20 2. Bath rack - Bathroom Trends £12.70 3. Beech body brush - Amazon - £7.95


One of my 2018 resolutions is to buy with more awareness. Over Christmas more than ever the mass produced / mass buying nature that we're in really bummed me out. I want to buy well and buy less.... yada yada - but i'm gonna do a whole post on how we can do that. Also my skin is a piece of crap so organic skincare is right up my street. These especially flat my boat. No pun intended. LOLZ


Forget fluffy white hotel style. Say hello to organic linen and cotton waffle towels (mix them in textures and colour for the full effect). Towel soft-ness is a controversial topic in my extended family - rockn'roll. My mum and dad like the cardboard style scratchy towels - they say they dry you better and exfoliate at the same time. Odd. I love a big fluffy number myself but I can't deny these ones look much better. Get involved for an uber stylish addition to your bathroom.

My bathroom :)

1. Flannel towels - Urbanara - From £12 2. Big waffle bath towel - The Organic company £31 3. Organic linen hand towel - Reste - £12


Never underestimate the humble tray. On a bedside table, on a coffee table, on a window cill, on a bathroom shelf. Zero effort for maximum gains and that is a calculation i'm into. Throw a few nice lotions and potions on there and you're laughing your way to being an interior designer.

1. Brass metal tray - H&M - £17.99 . 2. Round silver hammered tray - Wayfair - £32 3. Marble tray - Dunelm - £20


A table mirror is not only useful (anyone else see their reflection in a 100x zoom and want a face transplant?) but also looks tres chic. These three are all pretty epic. That Menu one - gimme.

1. Normann Copenhagen Flip Mirror - Nest - £55 2. Small round mirror - H&M - £8.99 . 3. Menu Oak mirror - Trouva - £84

Go go go! New Yera, new you and all that jazz.

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