December 30, 2017


Bye bye millennial pink. You were pretty while you lasted. But you are OVER (just like Weinstein). Hello rust. We're going to be seeing a lot of you coming up. Mix it with blush (not to be mistaken for millennial pink which is much more candy themed) and we have a winner. Also deep blue/navy will be replaced with bottle green - just a heads up guys,...

December 29, 2017

So re-tiling and spanking a shed load on new sanitary-ware (the white stuff - ie bath and basins) or brassware (the chrome stuff -  taps and showers) isn't always possible. You might have a ok base but want to make it a bit more 'hello i'm a trendy hotel'.

Here's six ways in which you can do just that. I've already spoken about the importance of snazzy hand soaps, pegs and round mirr...

December 17, 2017

Here's a shocker; i'm not really that into Christmas decor. I just can't be bothered.... Initially I want to rebel against the Starbucks red cup brigade who climb out of the woodwork on 1st December and throw glitter and cinnamon over everything (go away). But then it's suddenly 17th December and i'm realising what a moron I am, freaking out buying a load of old toot off of Amazon P...

December 13, 2017

I hope it doesn't come across that I think my house is the dog's bollocks, because really, I don't. I do however like to think that I know how to find a good old fashioned bargain. These six things are the ones that took me time and a hell of a lot of mindless research to find, so thought I would share the wealth and hopefully save you some time on Mr Google and Ms Pinterest. Althou...

December 10, 2017

We all love a bit of Ikea - well except the actual going bit. That is hell. Oh and a top tip, NEVER go on a Friday night to plan a kitchen. It's not a sneaky little idea to miss the crowds on a Saturday morning, every other sucker has the same plan. Don't say I didn't warn you......

Anyway.... here are six companies that also live for Ikea. There's a ton of stuff out there...

December 5, 2017

Brown paper is so cheap (except when you go to Sainsbury's and they mark it up MORE than the jazzy stuff - unbelievable - DO YOU THINK WE WERE BORN YESTERDAY J.SAINSBURY?) But buy it form Amazon or Staples and it is cheap and you can do funky stuff with it to make it all cool and Christmassy and a little bit stylish. Six ideas here: 


Download this b...

November 26, 2017

America I am jealous of you for one reason (yup, probably just the one). You have LOADS of affordable online furniture shops to choose from without lead times. How is that fair? We either get expensive stuff quickly (vintage mainly) or cheap stuff which takes ages (except Ikea - I heart you forever and especially now I learned that you don't have bins under the desks in your offices...

November 23, 2017

The previous bathroom in our pad was like something from a horror film, poor Raymond (RIP) did NOT know how to decorate. It had weird waterproof wallpaper (yep, that's a thing) and some blue tiles and a blue loo seat (the man did know how to match I will give him that) and just a revolting smell / look / general vibe. 

We used the bathroom like this for about 10 months, just so...

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December 3, 2018

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