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Six top things i've bought for my house and where to buy them

I hope it doesn't come across that I think my house is the dog's bollocks, because really, I don't. I do however like to think that I know how to find a good old fashioned bargain. These six things are the ones that took me time and a hell of a lot of mindless research to find, so thought I would share the wealth and hopefully save you some time on Mr Google and Ms Pinterest. Although let's be honest, google is probably a woman as she actually answers questions you ask her.


Print - Desenio (70 x 100cm) - £31

Walnut frame - Habitat (70 x 100cm) - £58

£89 for a big one meter print and frame is not bad, not bad at all friends. Desenio often have % off so keep an eye out. I'm pretty happy with the walnut frame too, it looks more 'high end' than it is, and I need that in my life right now.


MDF Fire surround - Screwfix - £178

THE BARGAIN OF THE CENTURY. I don't even know where I got the idea to paint it the same colour as the walls but did well there (self praise is underrated). We used satinwood on the fireplace and emulsion on the walls. I just love love love the shape and lines and forms and the fact it can't decide whether it's art deco or Victorian - very non committal - I looked for months for an antique marble one which were never shy of £500 and i'm so glad Screwfix came through for me. My dad should be proud. He's taught me well. Oh and get in touch if you want one as I have one kicking around in the basement that i'll put on Ebay soon if it can't find a nice home.


Bedhead cover 180cm- Maisons Du Monde - £103

Bedhead 180cm - Maisons Du Monde £204

Beds are HARD to find. They either cost the Earth or they are a piece of crap that you get from Argos (no disrespect Argos, you have served me well in times of need. Mainly for fan heaters). This one however is inexpensive (ish) and looks stylish (I think / hope). You'll need to buy a bed base and if you go for a divan bed also buy the linen valance to match. I think all-in inc mattress ours was around £650 which for a King isn't too bad and I do love it.


Spotty sheet - H&M £9.99

Jude's room is a bit 'mature' for a nursery, I do appreciate that. But this dotty bedding brings is back down to suit his immature tastes. The actual one I bought was a double duvet cover which I use as a sheet but they don't seem to have it now, bad form H&M for selling out so quick. I do love that it's a bit whimsy. Whimsical is just a stupid word.


I looked bloody everywhere for these chairs. EVERYWHERE I tell you. I finally found them at this random online shop - anyway sorry to be a dream crusher but they no longer exist in the black, so i've added a link above for some very similar. I can't fecking wait to have a working kitchen. But i've made absolutely ZERO effort to get the planning application in. Strange and confusing in equal measures. Anything for myself is just such a struggle. Including getting my roots done - they are dire.


Brass detail tables - Swoon Editions - £179

When I looked for bedside tables last month I swear I actually saw every single option available in the UK. STALE. But I finally settled on these and I'm ok with them. They are a bit short for our bed so they're going in the spare room where they actually look better. But they are made well and a bit quirky and have storage (which I wanted) and are affordable. Quirky is also a stupid word. Until I started this blog I had no idea how limited my vocabulary was. Need. More. Adjectives.

Hope that's of use? Byyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee

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