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You wanted it. Here it is. Blokes are really bloody hard to buy for. Either they already have it, buy it for themselves, don't 'need' it or, most likely, they just don't actually remember what they want when you ask them for Christmas.

Hate to out a label on 'men' but whatevs, here it is, lads* Christmas guide. Non-binary of course ;)

2. The best headphones ever (come in various colours)

4. Laser measurer - probably one of the best things I own. Highly, highly recommended

5. Wifi sockets, so you can operate things from your phone. Sickest gadget ever

6. Collapsable roof rack for the car- utter genius and very 'manly' too

7. Weekly milk delivery so they don't forget! And the rubber bottle tops so they don't leave the foil ones on the worktop :)

9. The best socks from Gap - should be the only socks you buy, last for years

10. Measure literally any angle with this funky measuring device. Sold. To my dad.

11. What has been hailed the BEST vegan cookbook (buying this for Josh)

A B O U T 

I'm Rebecca, new mum to Jude. I like writing lists. These lists will have 6 points and consist of: 

80%  Interiors & my home 

15%  My life with a baby 

5%    Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and general inaccuracies. 

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