December 10, 2019

Parents, In-laws, it's always SO GODAMMMM hard. Anyways here's my picks to get you in the good books. 

01. Everyone with a garden needs some shears and these are super fancy with a leather safety thing (can't say the word sheath it freaks me out. Lol. said it.)

02. Google home. Because Alexia is over. And your parents probs don't have either. 

03. Wine Aerator because OH MY GOD HELLO h...

December 1, 2019

You wanted it. Here it is. Blokes are really bloody hard to buy for. Either they already have it, buy it for themselves, don't 'need' it or, most likely, they just don't actually remember what they want when you ask them for Christmas. 

Hate to out a label on 'men' but whatevs, here it is, lads* Christmas guide. Non-binary of course ;) 

1. Tan belt so all his clothes actually fit


November 29, 2019

Well I truly suck at keeping a blog alive, but seeing as i'm keeping a toddler and a baby alive on a daily basis along with a business, i'm not gonna give myself too much shade for it. I will fire the old bloggy up again in 2020, new decade and all that.

I'm gonna aim to do SEVEN, yes that's right. SEVEN gift guides. wow. 

This first one is for all the babes out there. As in actual ba...

January 28, 2019

Wow, it’s been a year now since I finished my maternity leave with Jude and took a massive punt on setting up on my own. Thought I’d write about the highs and lows, because Jeeze have there been some. Even just for my own amusement / nostalgia. 


When Jude was about 4 months old I suddenly needed to do something other than mumming but I knew I didn’t want go back t...

January 14, 2019

OK, so I basically slated DFS on this Instagram post - oops, my bad but the fact is, I don't like DFS. It's not about budget shaming at all (like one person suggested - eek)  it's not about being snobby, you know I love me some Ikea all day every day. It's because I don't generally like their designs and the sofas aren't even that cheap, so that's where I stand. Soz DFS, but you nee...

January 7, 2019

One of my first completed projects of 2018 and also the first Studio Fortnum design I've professionally shot. Here she is. When I share client projects I won't be giving out resources because - well y'know these people are paying me to find stuff for them so a bit #rude of me to give them all out! But my own house, all day long. So keep a lookout for my kitchen reveal coming soon. 


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I'm Rebecca, new mum to Jude. I like writing lists. These lists will have 6 points and consist of: 

80%  Interiors & my home 

15%  My life with a baby 

5%    Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and general inaccuracies. 

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December 3, 2018

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