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Six last minute Christmas decor ideas

Here's a shocker; i'm not really that into Christmas decor. I just can't be bothered.... Initially I want to rebel against the Starbucks red cup brigade who climb out of the woodwork on 1st December and throw glitter and cinnamon over everything (go away). But then it's suddenly 17th December and i'm realising what a moron I am, freaking out buying a load of old toot off of Amazon Prime to give as gifts without so much as a Cadbury's advent calendar for decor. If you're the same here's six quick, easy, inexpensive and most importantly stylish ways to throw a bit o' festive cheer around the house and make it look like you tried. Also check out my Pinterest board for more ideas.

1. Mistletoe bunch

How cute is this? So simple and effective - just tie twine round and hang from a door or maybe even a hook in the hallway if you're feeling CRAZY and INNOVATIVE.

2. Bunting

3. Vintage bells garland

I saw this DIY on The Merry Thought and thought 'YES' vintage bells are a must-have in my life. So I found these babies on Ebay that I bought a few to randomly locate around the house (see Jude's horse below) in a Christmas attempt. These and these are also good. What could possibly be more stylish than hanging tiny cow's bell garlands on the mantlepiece this Christmas? It should be everyone's number one priority really. Bells are very 2017 by the way. Check this bell chain out. So good.

4. Pine cone chain

Last year I got the most ginormous bag of pine cones (like 2 bin bags worth) from New Covent Garden Market for £15. Still absolutely thrilling about that. Tasks for 2018: get a life. They're cheap (or free if you live in the country and not the Ghetto like me) and they look really simple and stylish. Check out this and this too. Get crafting with parcel string.

5. Olive branch wreath

This is the dream. Do I think pikeys might come to my front door in South East London and take off with it? Probs. These bells can be found on Etsy or forget the bells and just go for the olive branches or eucalyptus. Use a coat hanger to form the circle base and string, fishing wire or thread to fasten.

6. Dried Orange garland

All you need to do is slice oranges really thinly and place on a baking tray and put in the oven for 10 mins and then thread on a string. Simples and it looks like you're a wholesome mother earth type when really you are downing gin in the utility room. These bells will come next day from Amazon.

Sorry for all the typos and spelling mistakes.

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