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Six of the best Ikea Pimping products

We all love a bit of Ikea - well except the actual going bit. That is hell. Oh and a top tip, NEVER go on a Friday night to plan a kitchen. It's not a sneaky little idea to miss the crowds on a Saturday morning, every other sucker has the same plan. Don't say I didn't warn you......

Anyway.... here are six companies that also live for Ikea. There's a ton of stuff out there to help you add a lil je ne sais quoi to your Ikea. Kitchen's especially benefit form this 'hacking' - that's the industry term right there - you're welcome. I have bought and installed a fair few of their kitchens in my time. They are ok, but they don't have a cut-out back section to run services (water and the like) through so be careful on this. Always buy the soft close hinges, they all come flat pack unlike some others so it will take your fitter a while longer to fit, and I would use their design services as the online 'builder' is pretty basic. Also the actual Ikea fitters are spenny, so that's obviously how they make their profit. Shop around for a fitter. I'll do a separate post on Ikea kitchens coz I think that's what the people want.

In the meantime check these pimping products out.

Their own colourways are bloody gorgeous but they also do custom colours. The quality and detailing are beaut and they offer tops and handles too. What’s not to like? The colour sample sheet comes hand painted on plywood – slick. They only do door fronts, mainly for kitchens right now, but they do them well. The branding and photography is cool too. Me likey.

Pimp your Ikea sofas with these v. cool covers. Amazing, although they ain’t particularly cheap. These kids have been knocking around for a while but recently seriously upped their game due to some pro styling from Pella Hedeby. They also do covers fro discontinued sofa models - what heroes. The fabric and choices of block colour / patterns is insane. Will from Bright Bazaar used this cover on his Soderham sofa and it looks S.I.C.K. Well done Sir. We all know I go nuts for a Soderhamn.

The good old Swedes have done it again, revolutionised the already revolutionary Ikea. These chaps were first to the party really, and they sure know how to throw a good knees-up. They do various door fronts (kitchen, bathroom, sideboards, wardrobes) tops, handles, and legs, taps and basins. If you haven’t heard of these guys you’ve been under a rock for the last 5 years. You can buy a samples pack for colours and finishes, and they have some cool designs to the door fronts. The quality is good, the handles are sweet but the delivery times are a bit annoying 6-9 weeks for doors which is quite a wait. Note to self - order ahead of needing it so you don't have to use a baby belling for 3 months, AGAIN. Their handles are beaut (but they are also a little pricey once you order as many as you need for a kitchen). Check it.

These boys know their legs. Not only for Ikea furniture, there are various leg sizes for all furniture in an abundance of colours and finishes. You can use them on sofas, desks, dining tables etc etc. My fave is the Estelle. Get involved. Also I spy that 'fronts' are coming soon on their website. Sign me UP.

Based right here in the UK Naked Doors (sister company to Naked Kitchens) will make any doors size (Ikea or other) to literally ANY colour. Which is great if you're looking to match a wall unit or a kitchen to wall colours - I matched some walls and cabinets to F&B colours and it was spot on. The finish is fab with the exception of one out of 25 doors that was damaged. (which they replaced)– just watch the lead times from memory it was 8 weeks. Again, you ain't gonna get good value, good quality, unique products without a lead time. It's maths that just doesn't work.

If someone had told me that there was a company specialising in jazzy sticky backed plastic for Ikea products without seeing them I would have politely uninvited them from my life. But these seem ok. Probably best in a kids room or temporary fun but the insanely talented Viktoria Holmgren absolutely bossed the styling of these tables. I say, let's embrace them. I think this leaf print one could be so cute for a playroom. Kind of Whimsical - which I am not. But I like it.

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