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My Six go-to affordable online furniture shops

America I am jealous of you for one reason (yup, probably just the one). You have LOADS of affordable online furniture shops to choose from without lead times. How is that fair? We either get expensive stuff quickly (vintage mainly) or cheap stuff which takes ages (except Ikea - I heart you forever and especially now I learned that you don't have bins under the desks in your offices to help with recycling, this makes me happy). Here are the six UK online furniture stores that I use regularly, on my own home and client projects and a few gems from each. I've had so many requests for this post, it's not groundbreaking in any way, but hope it's at least useful for a few of you.

I have bought A LOT from Swoon in my days. There have been some casualties during deliveries and i've had to get replacements a few times, and the lead times can be lonnnnnnnng. But the prices are amazing, they are really well made in good quality materials and I like the website and the designs of the products. The sofa below is dreamy. They do a really good selection of fabrics for the upholstered stuff and they send out samples so you can see them prior. It's usually a 12 week wait for sofas and beds etc so order in advance but they have a 'last chance' section where you can buy quick lead things if you're not fussy. The Tammy side table is also a bargain - looks the bloody business, i've bought about 6 for various projects. That little selection below could be from Rose Uniacke (soz Rose i'm sure that is a true insult to you).

1. Dawson Chest of Drawers £499 2. Turin Sofa from £1199 3. Tammy side table £179

I wish FC did more. It's all really good (like those nest of tables - so slick). They are a small, also concept homeware store but the stuff is really good and they need to do more. FC, I would like to be your in-house Creative Director if that's ok? Page me. XOXO Who remembers pagers? LOL what was the point?

1. Cowhide chair £475 2. Pendant £185 3. Nest of tables £185

The original really, I have been a customer of Made since the beginning of time. They have a really good design team that bang out goody after goody. Again long lead times as a rule but that, my friends is how they stay affordable. These guys are diversifying too - hello anyone for candles?!!!! That armchair I have always had a crush on - not very 'me' but there's something really sexual about it.

Yes I bang on about La Redoute A LOT (sorry) but they are affordable and unique. That timber side table is heavy as hell (recently bought it for a project) and it looks good and it's just effortlessly cool. I wish they did things like sofas and the like. I'll just be waiting over here until you read this and take my advice LR. Lols.

Anyone have anything else to add? I have some others like Rocket St George and Cox and Cox, but was thinking of doing a second post on these??

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