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Six interior swaps from 2017 to 2018

Bye bye millennial pink. You were pretty while you lasted. But you are OVER (just like Weinstein). Hello rust. We're going to be seeing a lot of you coming up. Mix it with blush (not to be mistaken for millennial pink which is much more candy themed) and we have a winner. Also deep blue/navy will be replaced with bottle green - just a heads up guys, 'K? Pantone claim that purple is the colour of the year. F off Pantone, we're not 11 year old girls.

1. Kilim rug - Ferm Living - £219 2. Jug - Another Country - £48 . 3. Washed linen cushion cover - H&M - £8.99


1. Terrazzo Soap - Beton Studios - 50Kr 2.Terrazzo wallpaper - Ferm Living - £6 3. Terrazzo plate - Etsy - £8


Never really not been 'in vogue' (if that's a double negative arrest me) but having a serious moment right about now. Mix your woods - don't be afraid, eclectic is good news and matchy matchy timbers are out. Update your dining set buy swapping out the chairs for a different timber in a modern style. Check out Cult Furniture for some of the best chair bargains, Just avoid the waxed pine of the 90's if possible. Add wooden accents to the kitchen and kid's room to hit 2018 style hard.

1. Side Table - Swoon Editions - £179 2. Wooden spoons - H&M home - £9.99 3. Wooden kid's alphabet set - Trouva - £45


Sorry lads but exposed bulbs are kinda on the way out. Don't fear though, you can replace the bulbs with big opaque globes like this - YES PLEASE. These lamps do the trick to get you ahead of the game in 2018.

1. Opal Table lamp - Rocket St George - £170 2. Menu table lamp - SDC - £139 3. Black globe lamp - -. £39


I know they smell like the breath of angels but Diptyque, Jo Malone, The White Company candles in jars are kind of dead to me now. I'm bored of seeing (and smelling them) and i'm all over the more natural and more interesting look of beeswax candles. And obvi they're cheaper which gets me excited.

1. Beeswax stick candles - By Molle - €6,75 2. Stubby beeswax candles - Toast - £12.50 3. Set of six dinner candles - Trouva - £16


Crumpled, pre washed (vintage even) linen is getting big. Who would have thought! MY grandmothers would not get this at all and probably try and iron out all the perfectly formed creases in my bedding. Anyway - upgrade your White Company cotton for a slouchy, organic linen like By Molle (if you have bare cash) for 2018. Sounds like i'm throwing shade at The White Company in this blog, i'm not at all - I bloody love it.

1. Pre washed linen cushions - La Redoute - £22 . 2. Washed linen sofa - Maisons Du monde - £944 3. Washed linen dressing gown - H&M - £34.99

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