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Five Living Room Designs for under £3,500

WOW, I have not blogged for bloody ages. Since I set up my teeny Interior Design business Studio Fortnum I have been BUSYYYYY. Which is good, because it was a risky little move to sack in my job and start on my own but it also makes me a pretty useless blogger. Also now I effectively have two 'identities' (jeeze what an absolute tosser) I don't know how to merge them. I'm thinking of sacking off Six Things and just having a blog as part of my website, I could do with some help / thoughts though if any of you marketing pros can lemme know what y'all think?

Anyway.......I had a little swap whereby I gave an insta fashionista some living room design concepts as she sent me a capsule wardrobe shopping list after begging the internet to help me look less.... exhausted-mum-covered-in-baby-food. So I thought I might as well share this (seeing as it was a swapsie and it isn't a paying client). I kept all the options under £3.5k which, I think, Is a seriously viable amount to spend on an entire living room. Buy the entirety of one of these options and you're laughing. Disclaimer; some of the rugs come in various sizes, buy the biggest you can afford / your room can handle.

I gave her five options after her brief (little rebel I am with the five. Move over number six). The brief in essence was;

Small London living room in bright period apartment, want it to feel a mixture of stylish scandi and uber cool New-York vibes. These two are not mutually exclusive so are doable. I mean, if they'd given me rustic cabin and 80's neon I might have struggled But these two sit pretty together.

Anyway here are the options. I was only going to publish one on here, but I gave them all because a) i'm super generous (jokes) and b) sharing is caring.


TOTAL SPEND = £3,472

OPTION TWO. Hello styllish mama. You'll do nicely. The armchair is vintage but try places like Ebay, Vinterior and 1st Dibs for 'safari chair' and you'll find some. Camerich do some excellent sofas.

TOTAL COST = £3,430

OPTION THREE. That rug and sofa option work SO well together. Classic, but still fun.

TOTAL COST = £2,904

OPTION FOUR. Maybe my fave. The habitat light is amazing for £250 too - score.

TOTAL COST = £2,558

OPTION FIVE. Sofa's with legs rather than blocky sofas will always make a small space feel more open as you can see beneath. This is a sophisticated little set up for sure.

TOTAL COST = £3,425

That's ya lot. As always PLEASE let me know if you buy any of these things .......because I am incredibly nosey.

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