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24 Cheap and Bloody Good Curtains

Curtains. Annoyingly hard to find. We went with the dust sheets jammed into the sash window for many, many months (probably even years) because of house renovations. I'm pretty sure Mr Lam next door is fully acquainted with us naked by now as I refused to have the frosted glass in the bathroom window (i hate frosted - yuck). But when we finally did get curtains - OH JOY. I feel like a real life adult. An adult who still can't tell her left or right, but never mind about that. And Mr. Lam is probably so much happier too.

I like my curtains to 'puddle' (legit technical term right there) on the floor, so I generally buy / make them 5cm too long. Whatever you do, don't go too short. That is a curtain crime my friends. A totally bloody CRIME. The best way to get them to right length is to go to one of those multi functioning key cutting / tailor / laundrette things that are on every high-street. They will hem curtains for around £15 a panel.

Anyway, places to find the best, off-the-shelf curtains right here. If you've been putting it off for months NOW is your time. What better way to spend a few hundred quid?! Maybe alcohol, but not much else. And if you need to fit a pole and you can't do it try these guys. The curtains in my bedroom (see my instagram / pic) are these flat bedsheets folded and clipped at the top. Caravane do some GREAT curtains too.

Things to remember;

They will probably be sold as single panels - so buy two if you need a pair (sorry, so patronising)

If you buy rings - make sure the pole fits the rings (again, could I be any more annoying (Chandler voice please)

Make sure you account for the poles and rings in the total drop length

Think about brackets, are you going to need one either end and one in teh middle? Bay windows are extremely annoying. Call in the experts here, or go with shutters and add 'dress' curtains for warmth.

Ikea the best for cheap and long poles, Poles & blinds best for quality and range. The little clip hooks I have can be found here.


Have used these before and would DEFO recommend - good quality and really good prices AND they go to 350cm length so that's perfect for period properties with decent window heights. 30% off at the moment so buy now, OBVS. Love the leather hook detail on the second and third ones - great IRL too. These ones also come in loadsa different colours - fill your boots.

Smallable are EPIC. And they are especially epic at curtain choices. The Numero 74 are just out. of. this. world. I love them all. I'm actually pretty bummed i've sorted all the curtains in my house because I would be getting these if not. Loads of you have asked about my bedroom ones Insty and the first and last ones here are really close. The Ava ones (also in forest green)? OHHH EMMM GEEE. Because I like the so much, i've done 8 options. You are welcome.




I used these first one in Jude's nursery and I have literally fallen in love with two pieces of fabric. They are adorable and as his nursery is pretty grown up (he's a man about town don't ya know) they add a little but of fun without being remotely naff. £88 each panel, not the cheapest but under £200 including ikea pole for a huge window is really pretty good. They puddle A LOT, I didn't have them hemmed, but I like, so sue me.


Yep, Habitat also pretty good blokes when it comes to curtains. Ikea also, but you Habitat quality is superior. The pink blush ones - LOVE.

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