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Six Black Friday deals from La Redoute

La Redoute + Black Friday = depleted bank account for me. 40% off everything is a pretty good deal and i've been checking out all the homeware to find the best bargains. I've bought quite a bit from them in the past and It's generally been good quality, but always read the reviews as they are useful and the delivery times can be quite random, from a few days to weeks & weeks so bear that in mind.

I was gonna do some gift guides this year but I absolutely hate seeing stupid interior / home gift guides 'from £100'. Load of balls, who spends over 100 quid on something from a gift guide? Surely if you spend a lot of money on someone you probably want to find out what they actually WANT rather than picking something random from a gift guide? Unless you are just minted and stupid and don't care. What price point should it be? £20? £30? £50?

Anyways.... to the best of La Redoute Black Friday sale.

WAS £135 | NOW £81

Pretty embroidered throw, with some dark grey bed linen. you will do nicely in our spare room. Comes in various sizes too.

WAS £91 | NOW £54.60

I've wanted this for ages but i'm not actually sure what for. I kind of thought it could be sweet as a little bench thing near the back door for putting shoes on, especially for kids. But we don't actually have a proper back door until we do the dreaded money-gobbling side extension. So someone buy it for me instead. I think I prefer the black to the natural but they are both cool. With a few towels on in a bathroom even. Lush.

WAS £549 | NOW £329.40

OK so I actually did buy this rug for our living room originally. It is a steal with 40% off and I saw it in the real life flesh and can confirm it is GOOD. However they seemed to have mis measured it and forgotten about the tassels because it was much too big for the room with the tassel things (200 x 290cm + tassels which maybe are like 15cm each end I think). Shame, but when I get me my barn conversion it will be going in there. Only a few decades to go and a few hundred thousands to magic from somewhere.

WAS £40 | NOW £24

One can never alternate cushions enough in their home. It can totally transform the room for a few quid. This one is pretty cool and very French looking and I want to be French.

WAS £51 | NOW £30.60

They do a whole range of this style crockery (I think) and I like it. Not too trendy, coz let's be honest who wants to swap their crockery every year, but classic and stylish. We currently have a car crash of a crockery cupboard and I don't think even two mugs match so here's to buying these.

WAS £525 | NOW £315

I Searched high and low for my black Thonet style chairs (will share the source in another blog post) but these green babies are insane. I've always liked them in green from when I saw this years ago (still love that kitchen so hard) and £157.50 each isn't too bad at all. Would go with wooden, black or white dining table, so very versitle.

And they do the black one with arms too (WAS £299 | NOW £179.40)

Go buy my pretties.....

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