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Six buys for under £100 to make your home a bit more interior designer-y

Here are six things that I think make a room feel more well designed, more grown-up and a little bit more stylish. It's really hard to get a space that feels 'pulled together' on the cheap but these will help for sure and if they don't I will personally refund you*. All £100 or less (except my wall lamp which has gone up in price by a tenner, Maisons Du Monde you cheeky scamps) and no manual labour required other than drilling a few little holes.


Square mirrors you are dead to me. These round ones I picked out would look sweet in a bathroom or hallway, that timber Zara one (shown and number 1) is soooooo good and pretty big. Their recent styling is on point too. Bravo. That and some shaker pegs (see below) and linen towels could totally transform your bathroom for just over £100. I will be 'blogging' about my bathroom soon if anyone cares.

Source: Zara Home


All the rage (sidenote - I only just learned that the expression is not 'all the range'. My mum thought it was 'all the rave' WTF? anyway..... moving on...) in Scandi-land shaker hooks are VERY 2017/18 and you must purchase and install immediately to make your home as instagrammable as possible. So useful too. The Printer & Tailor ones painted to match the wall colour? It will be happening in my new kitchen.


When I was 27 I bought my very first side table and my life changed. Ok that's total bollocks, but my house looked a bit more pulled together. That Ikea green one is £20 and it's bloody nice. That with a decent candle on and a bunch of foliage of some description - YES.

Source: Ikea


I banged on about art a while ago. Get involved. Nothing says 'i'm an adult human being' better than a well framed print. Desenio, Society 6 and The Poster Club all do frame options too. Our living room print is framed in a walnut one from Habitat that i'm smug about as it was 30% off one day. It looks expensive.


Good lighting and cool lights, especially wall mounted ones ALWAYS make a room look better. Electricians are expensive to fit one wall light so i've picked out 3 that don't require any wiring. Just plug into a socket, drill to the wall and voila. Some people are really anti the cord hanging down but I think it's a genuine part of lighting and I like a bit of honesty in design (hello i'm a geek who I trained as an architect) so all good for me. Our wall light (below) is one of my best scores for our house so when i saw it just came back in stock I was like 'get in my son' I love this light and everyone needs to drop £110 on it. It really makes the living room seem better designed. It's a plug in (but Euro plug so you either have to get an adapter or re-wire) but only £110 - ok I lied about these being under £100 - and just so cool. If anyone buys it LET ME KNOW PLEASE I WANT TO BE FRIENDS.

Source: My home - me!


Whether it goes on your bed, sofa or bench a long cushion in a neutral or monochrome looks the biz. The La redoute one is so tasty and embroidered so looks £££££ when actually it's ££ The Ondine Ash cushions and homeware are also beaut - check them out.

Source Susann Larsson at

* no I definitely won't

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