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Six top buys from H&M Home and how to style them

My house is filled with H&M home accessories (mixed with random vintage). If you haven't tapped it up yet you really need to give it a go. It's cheap, the stock is refreshed a lot (seasonally like fashion not bi-annually like most furniture shops) and they are bang on trend. I love you Sweden. The webshop is ok but the stores are best so if you can make a trip to one of the H&M's that have the homeware dept (annoyingly mainly London) DO IT. They have tonnes more stuff. I've pulled out six of the best things currently online.

**Most importantly H&M home have a 10% offer on homeware at the moment - code 6067 until 12/11/17** I seriously Love hearing when you buy things so please let me know!



Yep, i've banged on about rugs before but I didn't mention this. It's 200 x 300cm which is huge and the pattern will work pretty much anywhere with any colour but it will need an anti slip mat under. The one below from our old flat is similar (not H&M) but you could style this one up the same with neutral furniture and a few patterned cushions. We've now moved the rug to our current bedroom 2 pics down and it looks cool with grey bedding. ALSO IT IS UNDER £150. I REPEAT UNDER £150.

Our old flat


from £79.99

H&M are way ahead of the game with their pre washed linen. It's so soft and you don't have to iron it - bloody win there. Not that I'd iron if it did need it. Although once I ironed sheets for 5 hours for a photoshoot. What a loser. It comes in loads of colours, I love the mustard one for a room with white walls (sizes online are a bit sparse so worth checking the stores if you can). We've had ours for a few years and I can report it's worn well. This is our bedroom with the light grey version which shows up pretty true to colour.

Our current bedroom



I was close to buying the Hay crinkled throw which is lush but 89 quid is a bit steep for a gal on statutory mat pay so i'm glad this baby came into my life. £35 yes please, get it in my cart and to the checkout I go. The camel one is more neutral and less mustard-y that online and on my pic below in my living room. It's a realllllyyyy nice colour, kind of sandy and desaturated. But if you're scared they do a grey one too.

Our living room



These are large pillow cases for Super King pillows (yes they exist) but they look really good as additional pillows behind the normal ones if you don't have a comfy headboard (or a headboard at all). Also if you do have a king or super-king bed you should look into getting 50 x 90cm pillows as they look so much better on the bed. Or if you have an extra wide freak head you might need them.

Killie Huntly Farmhouse



OK so the rumour is that brass is on it's way out (wtf? I know, sob, I will write about that one day soon don't panic). But this is pretty and timeless and with these tapered candles in will look great on a mantlepiece or middle of a table. It's gagging to be used as a Christmas centrepiece. H&M do insanely good candle sticks (like these on my mantle). Go grab some, as they are cheap as chips and look pretty high end.

Our living room



Good for towels / washing / loo roll in the bathroom. Good for a laundry basket, would look great with fir cones or wood in next to the fire. Good for toys too and I bought this 'toy tidy rug', (something I didn't even know existed 6 months ago) from Aldi the other day. Scored that hard.

Milla's Hem

Anyone else a H&M fiend? Any must-haves to share?

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