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Six dead good things i've seen this week

Here are the top six things i've seen on the world wide web this week that I wouldn't at all mind.....

Firstly, in light of the fact that our entire family has been struck down with the Norovirus for the last week which timed perfectly with the breakdown of the washing machine, I could defo do with a stay in the Killiehuntly Farmhouse in Scotland. LOOK AT IT.

I might not be keen on your new President, America but I am keen on the amount of amazing lighting designers that you produce. A new one to add to the list is the amazing One Forty Three who I came across on instagram. Now we just need import tax to do one....


If you haven't already seen it you've got to watch this Grand Design episode from a few weeks ago. Talented owner and Interior designer, Beth of Imperfect Interiors (who i'd been following on insty for yonks) delivers hands-down the best house I’ve seen on the programme. The building is a derelict Dairy in East Dulwich and the transformation is insanely beautiful. I believe the colour of the walls is 'Setting Plaster' by F&B which i'm gagging to try.

£109 for leather dining chairs? Yes, yes and yes. Similar ones (that probably cost a few more bones) styled superbly here. They will sell out soon so I think. The stools from the same collection have already gone.

This, along with the equally as slick Serif TV has answered the prayers of many an interior designer. Finally, a TV that doesn't look like total cack. Well played Samsung. I'm a massive TV snob, we haven't had a TV for 5 years because I couldn't bring myself to ruin the walls (I use the laptop for my weekly fill of First Dates and all the other garbage). Having checked them out 'in real life' I am a massive fan, they have a kind of matte finish to them and genuinely could pass for art on the wall.

Mainly I love Liza Giles' art because it's beautiful and a little bit kooky while also being totally timeless. But I also love her because she's a fellow Peckham-ite. Her house is also pretty insane and is basically my perfect house in the world.

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I'm Rebecca, new mum to Jude. I like writing lists. These lists will have 6 points and consist of: 

80%  Interiors & my home 

15%  My life with a baby 

5%    Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and general inaccuracies. 

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