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Six of the best: Affordable online lighting shops

I just spent Jude's entire nap times over two days collating the best twenty four lights that the internet has to offer. Was this a complete wasted exercise? Probably. But I realllllllly hope not. Let me know if it's useful in any way. Otherwise I might go back to watching Homes Under the Hammer re-runs from 2002.

I've chosen four of my favourites from each of the six web-shops which includes these pupsters from my bedroom. Loads (well about 3.... ) people have asked me about these and I've FINALLY found them again - and they're only £53. CAN I GET A 'HELL YEAHHHHH'?

Don't forget our friends at also do lighting and they do it pretty well. Those third ones either side of a bathroom mirror? Don't mind if I do.

1. Frosini Light - £45 2. Faye Light - £99 3. Vetro Light - £25 4. Ogilvy Light - £99


God these are good. I've only done 'fixed' lighting in this post but this lamp is on my Christmas list (wink wink Josh when you're proof reading this).

Here she is. The black swinging wall lamp that dreams are made of. And I just bought two of the grey Nexus ones (which also plug in as we don't have wiring). Someone give this girl an OBE.

1. Minna Globe - £60 2. Mika Light - £53 3. Asti Pendant - £150 4. Nexus Wall Light - £60

Yes MDM is back and better than ever. That rattan one - over a round dining table with Vintage chairs? ITS THE PORN OF THE SCANDI-VINTAGE WORLD

1. Accordion Wall light - £110 2. Brushed metal pendant - £110 3. Metal Cage - £92 4. Ethnic pendant - £132

Dear Pooky, I love you, but I wish you would shoot your lights on white backgrounds. Love Becca xoxoxox

1. Pluto light - £110 2. Luxor - £129 3. Mo double wall light - £150 4. Hania blue - £99

Yes to all of these and especially that last one for £169 which ain't exactly free but it looks designer and it ain't too bad a price at all.

Any use, kind people of the internet?? Mum, mum???

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