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Six best affordable online art resources

I hate the term 'affordable art'. Yes, £5k is affordable if your other pieces are Picassos' and you live in a Penty off Sloane Ave, but that’s not a lot of the population and its also not what this blog is about. There are plenty of ‘posters online’ websites that you can trawl through for hours to get something half decent. Or you could try one of the stylish and beautifully curated web-shops from below.


1. The Poster Club. This Copenhagen based e-shop offering reasonably priced, unique prints is one of my top go-tos. I’ve bought a fair few from here and the quality of the paper is great, the price point is fair and the selection just keeps getting better. They curate a Scandinavian style collection so probably one for the minimalists out there.

2. The Tappan Collective. Starting at around £150 and upwards, these guys offer original works and limited edition prints from seriously cool emerging artists – the next big things. The curation is impeccable, the website is super user friendly and the branding is S-L-I-C-K . Their Instagram account is well worth a follow too – if you can handle the coolness (is ‘cool’ even the word the kids use these days? I’m so retro it's embarrassing).

3. Desenio. Offer thousands of prints for mini prices. It’s almost impossible not to find a few you want and most of them are pretty good. Steer clear of some of the 'quotes' ones and you’ll be laughing your way to a very hipster gallery wall. They have great delivery times and the range of sizes is nuts.

4. Absolut Art. I love the collection that AA offer. Rinsed straight from their website; "From discovering the perfect artwork to displaying it with ease, we help you upgrade your walls with curated contemporary art from around the world. Seamless for you, sustainable for artists, and fun for all." Agreed.

6. Society 6. Probably the most affordable of the lot, Society 6 has a ton of prints and canvases to choose from. This one (below) from £17. I seem to have chosen a pretty provocative bunch of examples here. This particular one is called 'Tittie Committee'. Love me some nudes.

Here's a few of the ones i've bought...

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