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Six places to find huge, cheap rugs

By popular demand (well requested by two people, which considering I have a readership of about 5 people isn’t too bad – hi dad) here are six of the best places to shop large rugs. By large I’m talking above 200 x 300cm and under £1000. I know £1000, it's still A LOT OF DOLLAR but rugs are just spenny.

My most worldly piece of interiors advice would be to buy the biggest rug you can afford / find; it will make the room feel so much more cohesive and pulled together - the bigger the better. Make sure it’s wider than the sofa, as big as the room can handle and that furniture like side tables / armchairs either sit totally on or off it – avoid straddling the rug. The furniture that is.

Yes, an obvious one but you can't fault them (actually you can fault the UK prices compared to the US prices - absolute joke) they do good rugs and lead times are decent. The souk rugs do moult, i'm not gonna lie but they're decent quality and are very insty friendly and go with most styles. They've just added a whole bunch more to the UK store here. Oh and John Lewis also sell them - bingo.

1. Souk Wool from £499 2. Distressed wool - £799 3. Trellis from £722

The website is a bit of a minefield but the search functions are amazing once you get your head round it the choice is EPIC and the prices are insane. My fave by far - go go go go! I used the first one in Jude's room here and the second one in a past project here

Select choice but all of them are good. I've used this one (Kalgi from below) in my living room. It ain't friends with the cordless Dyson but that's a different story for a different day. I would defo be wary of that one if you don't want fluff over your house. The others are very pretty though.

1. Kenai £500 2. Kalgi Rug £699 3. Kali Rug £329

La redoute homeware is pretty good (always read the reviews) and at the moment you get £100 off when you spend £200+ which is pretty good when you're buying a big item like a rug. They literally always have some sort of deal on so make sure you don't pay full price. I really like the middle Berber one, it would look cool with this coffee table yas?

Trawl through about a trillion rugs and you'll come across a few goodies. Like these. You've got to have patience to buy from Wayfair but if you stick it out you can get some dealz, dealz, dealz. That stripey one in a kids room would be adorable. Also love this one that we bought for our old flat - I do love a flat weave (called kilims) as they don't moult and I hate hoovering. Worse than filling up the car with petrol, why is that such a shag to do?

Some solid options from these guys below. Not the cheapest but the quality is really, really good and they have some snazzy designs that are a little bit different. They can also make sizes to order so worth a gander if you need something particular. I love that Bologne one - very 'my holiday house in the Hamptons' vibe. Obviously I don't have a house in the Hamptons. Or anywhere for that matter.

1. Chess £1,245 2. Ramble £915 3. Bologne £870

If you need more bespoke and larger then check out Rug Couture. And if all else fails you can't go wrong with this Ikea classic - £270. Sorry to bang on about that one again.

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