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Six best finds on Maisons Du Monde

So just about everyone has heard of Maisons du Monde by now. It’s competing with and Swoon Editions in terms of price points but still not quite there with some of the designs and you’ve gotta take some of the styling with a pinch of salt. The one area where it does absolutely kick the ass of Made and Swoon is the lead times, with some as little as a few days. I reks these guys are gonna go big in the UK very soon.

In the meantime, I’ve picked out some of my top finds so you can try and emulate those chic-but-rustic French vibes. How are the French so effortlessly cool? Makes me embarrassed to be British. Well actually Brexit did that a while back. Had a little sob at my desk at work that day #RIP.

1. This lamp – gimme. Would look super cool in a little corner of a room next to a sofa or armchair as a pretentious ‘reading corner’

2. A Linen sofa for under £1,300 I hear you say? Yes sir, tis true.

3. I like this little table and its magazine rack add-on. Good place to hide all the ‘Take a Break’ mags when guests come. Just me?

4. I have this sheepskin number and it is fab. End of.

5. I know these baskets are about 34p in Vietnam but £30 over here ain’t bad and the pattern is cute. Put a house plant in it for hipster vibes.

6. These cotton mattresses can go on a day bed to act as seating or stack a few of them up in a kids room for a cosy place to chill. So very French.

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