January 3, 2019

I love it. I'm all over it. It's so slick and stylish and kind of has a nonchalant Scandi-slash-Parisian-cool-AF vibe to it. This cabinet from Ikea's 2017 Stockholm range was the first thing that did it for me, of course that sold out long ago and I'm still in mourning. Think you can still get it in Europe though, jels. 

I've used cane furniture in a recent project here and it j...

December 3, 2018

Don't worry, I'm not going to patronise you by creating gift guides for 'The Crazy Aunt' or 'The Cool Brother'. Please. You also don't need me to tell you what to buy.... but here are some ideas that you could use to base gifts around for others (especially anyone who has a new home / is into interiors / is super stylish) or maybe even use some of these on your own list.  I've mixed...

July 10, 2018

If you're currently living in a building site I feel for you, I really do. We've done it three times and it doesn't get any easier. In fact it probably gets shitter. 

A before and after of our house - see the light. 


Pay for storage if you can afford it (or beg / borrow a garage from a generous family member). Dust is your enemy. It will find you, and it will get you. It wi...

June 14, 2018

Here it is, the first instalment of the Sofa series. I am officially the saddest loser in London and probably beyond, although there are some serious odd balls in my parents' village in Cambridgeshire (including the weird creepy butcher) so I might be off the hook there. Green first. Blue next and then the neutrals and greys. Green is here to stay, so don't feel worried about invest...

May 21, 2018

I’m not claiming to be a pro, but these are some things that I’ve learnt from my 9 years + (hells I am OLD) in the Interior design industry. Soz, it's a bit of a long one.  

                                  Me, not posing candidly at all 


So this is a b...

May 4, 2018

Curtains. Annoyingly hard to find. We went with the dust sheets jammed into the sash window for many, many months (probably even years) because of house renovations. I'm pretty sure Mr Lam next door is fully acquainted with us naked by now as I refused to have the frosted glass in the bathroom window (i hate frosted - yuck). But when we finally did get curtains - OH JOY. I feel like...

April 28, 2018

WOW, I have not blogged for bloody ages. Since I set up my teeny Interior Design business Studio Fortnum I have been BUSYYYYY. Which is good, because it was a risky little move to sack in my job and start on my own but it also makes me a pretty useless blogger. Also now I effectively have two 'identities' (jeeze what an absolute tosser) I don't know how to merge them. I'm thinking o...

February 5, 2018

This blog post has been sitting in my drafts for about 100 years. WHY can't I just pull my finger out and finish it? Oh, maybe it has something to do with the fact I have a new company and about ten jobs on, an 8 month old teething baby with conjunctivitis and a life admin list as long as the Old Kent Road (that road is LONGGG and skanky and Jude has a penchant for walks along it, t...

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I'm Rebecca, new mum to Jude. I like writing lists. These lists will have 6 points and consist of: 

80%  Interiors & my home 

15%  My life with a baby 

5%    Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and general inaccuracies. 

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December 3, 2018

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